The Exchange

The event location of Szechenyi Exchange is Vigadó Hall in Budapest. Vigadó Hall is located in the center of Budapest on the Danube riverbank, near the old town. The building is distinguished by its historic architecture of the times of Empire. It provides an ideal setting for the Szechenyi Exchange event. The trading floor will have enough space to host all the participants and there will be catering throughout the event to satisfy all tastes.

The evening reception will take place at the Brody Studios. Spend a relaxed evening with a delicious flying dinner in an excellent and stylish lounge location.

The event is scheduled as follows:

8am to 5pm
Hungary Crop Tour  in cooperation with KWS, visit two farms with approx. 5000 hec. area 
Departure Kempinkski Hotel Corvinius H-1051 Budapest
H-2700 Farm in Cegled
H-2700 Cegled Lunch: Presentation KWS: crop progress and development in South-Eastern Europe
H-2053 Farm in Herceghalom
Arrival: Kempinkski Hotel Corvinius H-1051 Budapest
12pm to 6pm
The exchange takes place in Vigadó Hall.
H-1051 Budapest
Vigadó tér 2
8pm to 11pm
In the evening the reception will take place with a Flying Dinner at the Brody Studios
Vörösmarty u. 38, 1064
Budapest, Ungarn